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Welcome to Hunt Safari

The mountainous landscape varies from upper to lower lying valleys and drainage lines, together with steep to moderately steep mountain slopes and a relatively flat to undulating plateau.


In a bygone era, this plateau was frequented by the masters of hunting, the San people, who aptly named it after an edible succulent plant, which they called the “ghaap”. The stem pith of this plant is edible and has the power of banishing hunger for a day or two.


The dolomitic nature of the area gives rise to enduring bubbling fountains, wetlands and pans, which are the core around which life revolves in this alluring place. Olienhout and Karee trees are found on our property. These rugged sun-drenched landscapes together with the contrasting gentle perfume of the wild camphor bush, make this area a must for the discerning hunter. On offer is a variation in topography, vegetation, and wildlife that is designed to test your hunting skills and endurance to the fullest.

Hunt Safari promises to bring you a true hunting safari experience. Hunt Safari will do everything possible to make your trip a successful and memorable one, but don’t forget it’s hunting and not killing! 

South Africa is a dream destination for many people from around the world, offering the discerning traveller a taste of the true African outdoors, exciting experiences, breath-taking sights, as well as a pleasant climate all year round. 
Let Hunt Safari make your African hunting dream a reality.

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