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Travel Tips


Airfare is about 40% lower if you travel off-season. Consider hunting in May or September. I have hunted May and July and found little difference. Use a specialty broker for African air travel like Gracy Travel International because they are familiar with foreign travel and buy seats in blocks. South African Airways also known as SAA is considered one of the best, and as of 1999 you may get frequent flyer miles with other airlines so ask when you book.


Luggage has weight limits with respect to ammo and overall number and weight so check it out before you go. Don’t take too much ammo or you may pay a fine. Overseas trips have different weight limits. So check with your airline beforehand.


Pick clothing for comfort and for your photographic needs. Also consider a wide hat, which will help keep the back of the neck covered as well as shirts with collars. Take sunscreen even if you have long sleeved shirts. The morning temperature drops close to freezing at times so dress in layers. The nights do get cold during winter periods and afternoons are usually hot.


Medications should be taken with even though everything is available in RSA. You need malaria pills even in the winter months as malaria can spread by human contact. Check to see if your hunting area has malaria resistant to drugs and tell your doctor so you can use the 2 Step medication method for prevention.


If you want a Roland Ward or SCI let me know as it might take longer and cost more. 


Well that depends on what you want. I’ve had a lot of people say ranch hunting is not a real hunt, I beg to differ. It is a fair chase and unless you have a lot of money to squander it’s the only way to go for those with a respectable income. It’s hard to corner an animal in a 20 or so square mile pasture!


Contact your cell phone provider and see if you can subscribe to the overseas program where you pay a flat fee and then get deeply discounted calls. Please Note: our phones work with SIM Cards in Southern Africa.


Travel as light as possible, whatever you forgot, we can source it here. Remember all necessary documentation. Book your flight in advance for better seating and legroom. Take sleeping aids if needed. Relax and take it easy, we'll take care of the rest. 

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