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New Year, New Beginings

Happy New Year to all our clients, friends, followers and even those that are totally against our sport and passion. Hope the time spent with family and friends over the festive season did you well, and that you're ready to take on the new year.

As for most we've spoken to or heard from, 2017 was a challenging year and for us at Hunt Safari, it was pretty much the same. Despite the challenges, the lead and arrows still flew and found their targets. We've made a ton of memories that we'll take to our grave one day, made new friends which we hope to see soon and made a lot of dreams come true by doing what we love, which in the end of the day, is all that matter.

This year will be no different, we still want to see smiles and high-fives all round in the field or at camp. Still want to make dreams come true, gaze at stars around the fireplace with a beer in hand, excited to see what the next day hunting in Africa will bring.

As for most, with the new year, comes new things. For us, at Hunt Safari, Christmas came a little earlier than expected. We've acquired a dedicated bowhunting concession, hours drive from Kimberly in the Northern Cape. This will be will be our base of operations for dedicated bow hunters from now on, unless there are specific requirements for hunting different areas or specific species that are not natural to the area.

For the lead casters, we will still operate from Limpopo province or the areas of your choice and natural habitats of the species you are after.

We hope 2018 will be a remarkable year for you and your loved ones and may your aim be true.

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